This site is currently inactive. I just don't have time to maintain it at the moment, so most of the stuff on here is out of date or broken. One day I will reboot this site with something new, but for now, this is it.
Woods Park (1st Draft, 2011)
Woods Park is a small, remove village on the outskirts of nowhere. What evil is haunting the residents of this backwoods locale, and to what lengths will people go when pushed to the edge? This is the original 1st draft version from 2011. Since 2017, I've been slowly working on a new 2nd draft. It may show up eventually. Contains coarse language, frank sexuality, narcotic drug use, and brief violence.
Scene. Seen.
An extremely short screenplay for a micro-length art film I'm planning. Hard to describe in words, just read it. Nothing remotely offensive in this one that I can think of. It's just weird.
  1. Zwischen Dunkelheit und Licht
  2. Symphonie der Dammerung
  3. Reflexion von dem unbekannten
  4. Die Schmerzliche Wahrheit
  5. Speicher von dem Letzten
  6. Anblicke wahrend der Zukunft
  7. Was war. Was ist. Was kommen soll.